The United States' Constitution is overflowing with checks and balances, with the clear purpose of distributing power among branches and levels of government. Our Founding Fathers clearly had a goal of achieving balance among individuals, interest groups and parties.

Having lived in Massachusetts during Romney's gubernatorial tenure, I can personally attest to the power of balance. Understanding the inevitability of a Democratic-run state legislature, a wise electorate in Massachusetts chose a Republican governor. Why? Because voters demanded more balanced governmental prioritization and legislation. That's what they achieved in an innovative education bill that has propelled Massachusetts to the top of U.S. student achievement.

In Utah, we face a similar lack of balance as Massachusetts, except the scale tips to the other side of the aisle. The Founding Fathers argued that an unbalanced government is dangerous, no matter which side of the isle it leans toward. I stand with many other Republicans who believe a Democratic governor would help us achieve more balanced public policy. And who better than Pete Cooke, who shares Utah's majority religious and family values, and has successfully run a Utah enterprise for decades?

Trent Kaufman