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Pinyon Fire jumps fire lines but isn't threatening homes

HERRIMAN — The Pinyon Fire jumped fire lines Wednesday, causing anxiety among some homeowners. But fire officials said it wasn't directly threatening any homes.

"It is moving towards the east, it's kind of holding on the north, which would be toward Herriman," fire spokeswoman Kim Osborn said late Wednesday. "It's right now staying within the Camp Williams area."

Tuesday night, fire officials said the fire was 40 percent contained at about 3,000 acres. But because it grew and jumped fire lines Wednesday afternoon, the containment estimate was reduced to 10 percent.

"Because of the size increase and now all the containment lines that we had before, it's kind of blown past that," Osborn said.

As of Wednesday evening the fire was about 4,500 acres in size.

About 100 homes in Eagle Mountain were evacuated Monday because of the fire but homeowners were allowed to return to their houses Tuesday morning.

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