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Verdict in: Peterson jury united on clothes

JOLIET, Ill. — One expects coordinated outfits from cheerleaders, fast-food workers, military units — clowns even. But color-coordinated jurors at a murder trial?

Jurors at the trial of former suburban Chicago police officer Drew Peterson have been showing up wearing matching clothes.

On different days it's been all yellow, all blue or all green. One day they all wore jerseys from the Chicago Bears, White Sox or other teams.

The oddity has left many observers scratching their heads.

Chicago defense attorney Phil Turner criticizes the displays as showing a lack of seriousness. But attorney Michael Helfand, says he's fine with it — that it simply illustrates their camaraderie.

Peterson's pleaded not guilty to killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio, in 2004. He was charged after his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, disappeared in 2007.