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Book review: ‘Monster Hunter Legion’ is action-packed adventure

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"Monster Hunter Legion" is a novel by Utah author Larry Correia that's scheduled to be released Sept. 4

“Monster Hunter Legion” is a novel by Utah author Larry Correia that’s scheduled to be released Sept. 4

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"MONSTER HUNTER LEGION," by Larry Correia, Baen Books, $24, 377 pages (f)

“Monster Hunter Legion” by Utah author Larry Correia may be an unexpected read for some and will probably attract action lovers, science-fiction lovers and monster lovers.

The book, which is the fourth in the Monster Hunter series, had similarities to a Dirk Pitt adventure by Clive Cussler.

Set in Las Vegas, the story begins at the International Conference of Monster Hunting Professionals in which monster hunters from all over have met to network.

The book is seen through the eyes of Owen Zastava Pitt, the leader of his local group of monster hunters. During his trip with his comrades, a freak-happening forces them to chase down a monster that resulted from a World War II experiment.

One reason Correia’s writing is reminiscent of a Dirk Pitt adventure was in the care of the characters. In every Pitt novel, Cussler seems as if he can't wait to get his characters back together. That is immediately evident with “Monster Hunter Legion.”

As all of the hunters are in Las Vegas, what results is a bet and race to see who can make the monster pay before the others do. From there, an ancient god meddles in affairs and adds even more twists to this already action-packed, fantasy-filled story. With that said, parts of the story can be a little reaching and convenient at times.

There is offensive language consistently throughout the book and the novel is targeted at a mature audience. For example, in the first chapter, there is a delicate and quasi-positive comment on why the main character wouldn’t attend a Las Vegas strip club, and then later in the chapter, a not so delicate description of another female character’s provocative outfit.

It's a fast-paced story, and Correia makes monster hunting easy to read, along with ancient gods interfering with things and Las Vegas going kabloom.

If you go ...

What: Larry Correia book signing

When: Tuesday, Sept. 4, 7 p.m.

Where: Barnes and Noble, Layton Market Center, 1780 N. Woodland Park Drive, Layton

Web: barnesandnoble.com

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