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Today in the Bloggernacle: A countdown to LDS general conference

Conference countdown: General conference less than a month away and bloggers are beginning to take notice, such as the Mormon Soprano who is holding a “Conference Countdown Challenge” that she began on Aug. 30 to coincide with the 37th day before conference. Why? Because there were 37 talks from the April 2012 conference in which to highlight and study in preparation for this October 2012 conference. Click in to follow along.

Finding hope: I know it’s a day late, but the message of this Mormon Messages from a few years back on “Finding Hope” is always timely. This man’s story of renewal and healing from the tragedy of 9/11 and the survivor’s guilt that accompanied it never fails to make me marvel. Please watch.

Proud Mormons: This photo is just awesome. You can tell that these BYU basketball players “were Mormons and proud of it.” Click in to see what I mean.

Social media: I enjoyed this infographic representation of the “36 Rules of Social Media” highlighted at LDS Media Talk. For instance, “8. Always Write Back” and “12. Not Everything Will Work and That’s Ok!” Click in for the 34 other “rules.”

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