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Buccaneers didn’t break any NFL kneel-down rules

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TAMPA, Fla. — Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano didn't break any NFL kneel-down rules and still isn't apologizing for his aggressive tactics of going after the New York Giants when they were lined up in victory formation.

The first-year Buccaneers coach said Monday "it's a clean, hard, tough, finish-the-game play." Schiano says some people disagree with that, adding, "That's certainly what makes the world go round. Everybody has opinions."

The coach instructed his defensive lineman to plow into the Giants' offensive line with Eli Manning lined up in victory formation and sparked a debate on whether the Bucs crossed the line when it comes to kneel-down etiquette.

The NFL said the Bucs didn't break any league rules and doesn't plan to take any action against Schiano or the team.