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Ferretti diaphanous, dainty for next summer

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MILAN — Diaphanous, dainty and above all delicious. The Alberta Ferretti collection for the spring-summer 2013 previewed Wednesday is sure to be a hit wherever sophisticated maidens gather from beach clubs to garden parties to summer weddings.

While a mega screen projected silently moving water, model after model came down the runway wearing gowns so light they looked like a second skin. With their hair gelled back as if they had just come out of the water and many of the gowns ending in a delicate train, the models looked like a parade of beautiful mermaids.

The colors of the gowns ranged from pearly white to sea green and Mediterranean blue. Sometimes the light fabric was adorned with shimmering sequins resembling raindrops falling in a pond, at others it came in dainty lace. Sheer nude tulle, which allowed the skin to shine through, held the gowns together creating the mermaid effect.

The overall look was young, demure and very special with every outfit unique and often made almost entirely by hand.

When asked what inspired the dreamy light look, the Italian designer said she felt the need to "make up for the heavy moment we are all going through."