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BYU football: Riley Nelson joins dubious company after trying to gut it out vs. Boise

BOISE — Since hurting his back in the first half of a win over Weber State, BYU senior Riley Nelson has convinced coaches he could play, and they had faith he could deliver better than any alternative.

But after road losses to Utah and Boise State, Nelson not at his best was not an answer for a struggling Cougar offense.

Before being replaced by freshman Taysom Hill with 8 minutes left in the third quarter in BYU's 7-6 loss to Boise State, Nelson had a hand in four BYU turnovers including a pick-six interception, BSU's only score of the game.

Nelson finished 4 of 9 for 19 yards and 3 interceptions against the Broncos. Hill finished 4 of 10 for 42 yards and rushed for 72 and a touchdown.

Nelson joins 26 major college quarterbacks since 2000 to have four or fewer completions and at least 3 interceptions in a game.

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