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United beats Liverpool as City is held by Arsenal

LONDON — Robin van Persie ended Manchester United's five-year wait for a win at Liverpool on Sunday, and Arsenal maintained its unbeaten start to the Premier League season with a draw at Manchester City.

Van Persie converted a late penalty kick to clinch a 2-1 victory at Anfield, where both teams paid tribute to the victims of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster before the game.

Unted were a man up from the 39th minute after Jonjo Shelvey was sent off, but Steven Gerrard managed to give Liverpool the lead with a volley at the start of the second half — only for Rafael da Silva to quickly equalize.

At City, Joleon Lescott headed the champions ahead in the first half, but the defender failed to clear a late corner, allowing Laurent Koscielny to recover a 1-1 draw for Arsenal.