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Armani bursting with nighttime glitter

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MILAN — Giorgio Armani always has done his own thing, leaving others to follow if they chose.

His Sunday night show for spring-summer 2013 was no exception. There were no prints, plenty of pants and more glitter than a nighttime constellation.

The Armani daytime jacket is deconstructed in a pearl gray with matching skirt or wide trousers cropped at the ankle.

The cocktail hour comes in the lightest of pale pastel chiffon, turquoise, blue and power pink, with long skirts over cropped pants and a small jacket. Armani also offered a skirt-on-skirt version of the same look.

But it was by night that the designer burst into glitter with a myriad of beautiful gowns and sparkling pants enhanced by a plisse silk bodice. Night was midnight blue, slate gray and some black.

"This is a woman who doesn't put on airs, rather is young in age or mentality," Armani told reporters before the show.

This was an Armani that hasn't been seen in many a season.

Perhaps in reviewing his new exhibit "Eccentrico," which traces Armani's style in clothes and accessories over the past two decades, the "Maestro" stepped back and said to himself, "that is really good. I think I will do it again."