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Latest protests against depictions of Muhammad

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Here's a look at protests and events on Sunday connected to an anti-Muslim film produced in the United States and vulgar caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad published in a French satirical weekly. At least 49 people, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya, have been killed in violence linked to protests over the film, which also has renewed debate over freedom of expression in the U.S. and in Europe.


Some 300 Iranian students protested against the Muhammad caricatures in front of the French Embassy in Tehran, burning French, American and Israeli flags and chanting "death to France" and "down with the U.S." They called for the expulsion of the French ambassador.


A mix of about 300 Christians, Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims protested against the film in the capital, Islamabad, carrying banners condemning it as they marched along a main thoroughfare near parliament. They also urged the government to ban the film.


Hard-line Islamic groups protesting the film enforced a nationwide general strike, closing schools and businesses and disrupting transportation. Thousands of security officials were deployed in the capital, Dhaka. No violence was immediately reported.


Greek riot police used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse about 600 protesters who clashed with officers during a rally against the film. Demonstrators carried anti-U.S. banners and tried to march to the U.S. Embassy, although riot police surrounded them and attempts to break through police lines failed. Police detained six people during the rally. It was the first such protest against the film by Muslims in Greece.