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Review: Seeger remembers Woody, offers new tunes

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Pete Seeger, "A More Perfect Union" and "Pete Remembers Woody" (Appleseed Recordings)

At 93, no one expects anything new from Pete Seeger, but that's not stopping the folk music icon from putting out two new releases on the same day.

Seeger gets some help on "A More Perfect Union" from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Morello, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris and Dar Williams.

And on the aptly titled "Pete Remembers Woody," Seeger offers his own memories in spoken word of Woody Guthrie, timed to commemorate what would have been the folk legend's 100th birthday.

The more esoteric release of the two, "Pete Remembers Woody" is still fascinating and engaging as Seeger offers recollections of Guthrie, interspersed with new versions of his songs performed by Seeger and others.

On "A More Perfect Union," Seeger collaborates with longtime friend and fellow singer-songwriter Lorre Wyatt. But Seeger is the star of the disc, even when a children's choir and the celebrity guest stars step to the mic.

While the disc could have used some tasteful editing, maybe cutting down to 12 tracks instead of 16, it's a minor quibble for someone of Seeger's stature. At this point, let the guy release what he wants.

CHECK OUT THIS TRACK: The opening track of "A More Perfect Union" called "God's Counting on Me ... God's Counting on You" is just the latest in an unmatchable career of socially conscious songs that Seeger delivers with unparalleled conviction.