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Rock On: BYU player takes offense, sir!

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BYU linebacker Brandon Ogletree apparently became tired of glowing references to Washington State's "Air Raid" offense, last week.

"It's an insult," he told reporters after BYU's 30-6 win on Thursday. "It's a slap in the face, man."

Could be, but didn't men stop slapping one another about the time of the American Revolution?

Rock On thinks that rather than settling it on the field, Ogletree should have demanded satisfaction and called for a duel.


Utah defensive back Mo Lee is changing his name.

The school's publicity office announced last week that Lee will henceforth be known as Moe — not Mo, Mow, and definitely not Meaux.

Actually, his legal name is none of the above. It's Martavious, which is a gussied up version of Moe.

As if ya couldn't figure that out for yourselves, ya knuckleheads. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.


West Salem (Ore.) High has installed a new turf, but it's not just any turf.

It's black.

This follows the lead of teams that have blue (Boise State), red (Eastern Washington) and alternating purple/gray (Central Arkansas) playing surfaces.

Rock On thinks they're all ugly. On the other hand, he doesn't much worry about bizarre colorations, as long as they don't show up in his hot dogs.


Former champ Mike Tyson says boxing is "stuck in the 18th century" and that "people don't want to hurt each other no more."

Yeah, too bad things are slipping back to the 1700s, when all they had were thumbscrews and pillories to settle things.


An Ohio woman has been charged with illegal conveyance of drugs after allegedly filling footballs with contraband and hucking them over the wall to inmates at the Richmond Correctional Institution.

Is this what they mean when they say someone is "scoring some drugs?"


Wildlife authorities in Kimball, Neb., removed a cougar from a tree across from a city park two weeks ago.

No truth to the rumor it was a BYU official, checking to see if the Huskers really did vacate a spot in the Big 12.


All three of Utah's Division I college football teams played their season-opener last Thursday.

BYU put a 24-point drubbing on Washington State, Utah clubbed Northern Colorado 41-0 and Utah State wiped out Southern Utah 34-3.

Which brings up an interesting home-maintenance tip: Why wait 'til Saturday when you can do all your housecleaning on Thursday?

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