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Change the rules in this game of survival

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In the very competitive game of football, a set of rules attempts to provide equal opportunity for each team. Each year the rules are updated and tweaked to compensate for new strategies and new technology. A group of men called umpires, referees, etc. are employed to enforce the rules to the benefit of all.

In the most competitive game in the world, known as survival, we are all part of the teams. Rules, set for the competitive action, are known as laws, regulations and constitutions. The referee of this game is government, who is expected to ensure equal opportunity for all the players.

Like the football rules, the rules in the game of survival are constantly changing — only at a much faster clip. However, the changes in the rules seem to be only in the favor of the most powerful team. Their wealth and power provide them with this monopoly and give them the ability to lock the weaker teams and the referee into the rules of 200 years ago. If we would seek to benefit all the people in the game of life, we need to change the rules.

Robert Neale

Salt Lake City