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Bloggernacle Back Bench: Mormon.org expands into 19 more languages

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A screenshot of the new Mormon.org page in Korean, one of 19 new Mormon.org languages.

A screenshot of the new Mormon.org page in Korean, one of 19 new Mormon.org languages.


“Have you noticed anything new at Mormon.org?” asks Fernando Camillo, manager of product awareness in the LDS Church's Curriculum Department, in a weekly newsletter. “How about 19 new languages? The website is now available in 20 languages, which will allow 90 percent of the Internet-using world to see Mormon.org in their native language.”

How amazing is that! Including English, Mormon.org is now in Armenian, Cebuano, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai and Ukranian.

Each page is modeled after the English version of Mormon.org, with opportunities to chat with Mormons, share the page on social media avenues (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) find local meetinghouses using the search bar, meet other Mormons via a drop down menu, and much more. Each page also includes Mormon.org profiles specifically translated into each featured language.

And you can help. Camillo explains, “If you speak one of our new languages, please visit and explore the new site. We also encourage you to create your own Mormon.org profile in your preferred language (or all languages you speak) and share it with others.”

You can also provide needed feedback via the feedback link at the bottom of the page (each specified to the language of the entire page) if you see translation errors. The whole Mormon.org is a wonderful community-driven effort, and with help, it's now going across the world!

Now let’s see what else we can discover in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: Speaking of cool new Mormon.org initiatives, the first of five Russian “I’m a Mormon” videos has just been released, this one featuring Timur Kodirov. It’s completely in Russian, however if you click the little CC button at the bottom, it will display the English captions.

That’s how I learned learned more about Kodirov and heard/read his marvelous testimony: “I always knew that God loved me, because he answered my prayers. I moved closer and closer to God until the moment came in my life when I wanted to change my path. Because the way I led my life seemed empty, I knew I needed to fill it with something. And in that moment I knew I needed to come to God and serve him.” Wow. Click in to view for yourself, and check back to often to see the other four planned videos.

Techie tip: I’ve been asked by a few people how members use LinkedIn, but from now on, I’m going to point them to this well-summarized (with handy links!) explanation of “How the LDS Church uses LinkedIn.” Here’s a sample: “The church uses LinkedIn to find and recruit potential employees by posting and highlighting jobs available in a variety of locations. Nearly 10,000 people follow the updates on the church's LinkedIn page. The following are the official pages on LinkedIn provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

And click in to learn how to find other unofficial LDS-related groups. Awesome. 'I'm a Mormon': Timur Kodirov

This is one of five planned "I'm a Mormon" videos completely in Russian. Click "CC" on the bottom right corner for English captions.

Emily Warburton Jensen loves searching through the LDS blog world for developments and testimonies that best capture the ever-evolving LDS online experience. Email: ejensen@desnews.com