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Book review: ‘Athena’ tells touching story of life, love and change

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"THE NEWPORT LADIES BOOK CLUB: Athena," by Heather B. Moore, Covenant Communications, $15.99, 203 pages (f)

Athena Di Jasper is a strong woman.

She doesn't need help running her successful online magazine and she especially doesn't need a man in her life — or her mother constantly trying to set her up with one.

Yes, Athena can do it all on her own, and she prefers it that way.

But when her one-date-a-month boyfriend Karl wants to make their relationship more serious, Athena panics and breaks up with him on the spot. When Karl accuses her of not living her life — not even having time to read a novel — Athena sets out to prove his words wrong.

That challenge changes her life.

When Athena enters a local bookstore to find something to read, she leaves with a challenge by the store owner to join a book club. Not only does she uncharacteristically join the club, but the store owner, Grey, might be the first man that Athena finds she can't live without.

But that isn't the beginning of life changes for Athena. When a tragedy rocks her family, Athena discovers that her parents' marriage isn't what she thought it was — forcing her to re-think her views on love and life.

Mormon author Heather B. Moore takes readers on a touching journey of discovery in "Athena" as the title character finds a new life, new friends, real love and a clearer understanding of her family's past.

Moore's ability to make Athena's character relatable to a variety of women makes the story a personal and emotional one for readers.

Moore writes Athena's story as one part of a unique parallel book series, The Newport Ladies Book Club. Each book focuses on one member of the book club, shedding light into their personal life and challenges. Each book shares scenes with the others, allowing readers to visit the same interactions and moments from different perspectives.

While much of Athena's story is based on her romantic relationships, the romantic scenes are not inappropriate or vulgar and could be appropriate for young adult readers.

Hikari Loftus is a graduate from the University of Utah.