Ann Mueller HarrisonApril 2, 1923 ~ Jan. 1, 2013Our mother, our Mutti, mi AbuelaShe passed as she wished, in her own home, surrounded by family, peacefully, so quietly and with graceful god speed. Happy New Year to you Ann, hopefully reunited with your beloved husband of 68 years, our father Ross.Mom was the strongest, most practical and disciplined of women. She shoveled snowy paths to the mailbox and brought in firewood each morning to "lay a fire" for the evening, well into her 80's and within days of her death. She read her book club books, listened to her favorite Chopin waltzes and watched PBS television in front of that cozy fire.Her stunning garden was her signature and gift to all who knew her. It was a blossoming display of all that was tender, gentle, loving and wise from deep within her soul. She shared her bounty lovingly and generously. She and our Dad raised each of us in the same home-sweet-home in which they both died. She had seven children: Steven (Claudia); Rodger (Edie); Claire (Rich); Susan (Paul); Thomas (deceased), Fred (Ruth); Bill (Mary); 11 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. We were so blessed and privileged to grow up knowing that we were always loved, always safe and taught the values of reasoned discipline, accountability, a strong work ethic, the value of education, a spiritual reverence for life, respect for the awesome beauty of Nature, kindness and generosity to others, and regular family outings of hiking and picnicking in their beloved Brighton, Spruces, Albion Basin and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We played music together, skied together and experienced the awesome joy of a family who truly loved being together and playing together all of our lives.Our mother has been our center, our family home has been our place of gathering, her love of each and every one of us has continued our connection. A visit to mom was always greeted with some spontaneous sharing of homemade or homegrown food, a fresh cup of coffee and a chat at the sunny kitchen table looking out into the garden. Her words of wisdom were down-to-earth and ever-practical, reflected by many framed quotes around the house, such as this one above the telephone reminding us that, "Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." Abraham Lincoln. We will miss you mom, our children and their children will miss you---These are many words, but none can truly express it all. . . We wish to thank her health providers, book club, garden club, members of the ward and dear neighbors. You deeply enriched her life and she often spoke of your kindness to lend a helping hand.