While you’d go to great lengths to keep your family safe, why pay more for life insurance than you have to? Buying term life insurance is much less expensive than other forms, according to an article from Free From Broke.

Simple term insurance extends for a specific period of time, sometimes five, 10 or 15 years. The premiums are a fraction for the equivalent of whole life insurance. There are also other factors to consider when searching for life insurance.

Buy young

Maybe this boat has already sailed, but buying when young and healthy saves a lot of money, Glen Craig said in his article. Health issues raise premiums or deny coverage completely. Age itself affects the price.

Since health affects the price, do what you can to improve health before a life insurance exam, which generally includes a blood test. Watch carbs, alcohol and ice cream the week before your test.

Bundle with other policies

Look into the options of insurance with companies you already use. If you already do business with them, they may offer cheap policies to retain your business.

Otherwise get quotes from insurance companies that you don’t use and send the quotes to your current providers. They may give a better rate.

Live clean and safe

Dangerous behaviors like your driving record indicate aggressiveness. Slow down and you could pay lower premiums.

Shop around

After exhausting sources you know, look at other insurance companies to compare what they have to offer.

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