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Book review: ‘The House at Rose Creek’ captivates, inspires

"THE HOUSE AT ROSE CREEK," by Jenny Proctor, Covenant Communications, $15.99, 251 pages (f)

“The House at Rose Creek” is a marvelous novel by new author Jenny Proctor. The book’s protagonist, Kate Sinclair, is the prodigal cousin of the Walker clan. Successful in her fast-paced Atlanta life, Kate hasn’t had time for family or religion in years. When a tragedy brings her back to Rose Creek, Kate finds the peace and love she hasn’t realized her life was missing.

While home, Kate finds the journal of one of her ancestors. As she becomes immersed in his story she is impressed by his lasting faith in God. Suffering from her cousin’s unwillingness to forgive past mistakes, Kate wonders if she can achieve a fuller life by following her ancestor’s example and turning to God.

Kate’s story evolves as Andrew, who is Mormon, makes appearances in her life. Kate is impressed by his kindness and inner strength, yet wary of his evasiveness regarding his past. As she opens her heart to his love, Kate is hurt by those closest to her. When the future of her ancestral home and family hinge on Kate’s decisions, she makes a choice that affects the lives of everyone around her.

Proctor understands how to write great LDS fiction. She refreshingly abstains from many typical clichés by not introducing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints until more than a third of the way through the book. Instead of following the usual path, and introducing the gospel via the main character’s love interest, Proctor lets Kate experience her conversion through other ways.

Proctor's writing has an even tempo that lets readers become immersed in Kate’s life while encouraging them to turn the next page. “The House at Rose Creek” contains clean language and romance that doesn’t stray beyond kissing.

Proctor grew up in western North Carolina and she and her husband live in North Carolina with their six children. “The House at Rose Creek” is partly based on the life of one of her ancestors.

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