It's $634 million. That's the current price tag for, the official website for Obamacare, three years in the making, and it doesn't even work. Even with the help of "certified enrollment specialists," interested applicants can't sign up.

Meanwhile, numerous larger private-sector websites function almost seamlessly from the start in the hands of ordinary consumers. That some people actually think the government can run the health care system is frankly disturbing. It cannot. It will never work, and it would bankrupt the economy while jeopardizing people's health with incompetency and rationing.

The ineptitude of the government is not up for debate and is on display nowhere better than this debacle. The only competency currently being demonstrated in Washington is by conservatives who, acknowledging these realities and knowing the will of the vast majority of Americans, refuse to fund this massive impending disaster.

David R. Boettger, M.D.