The electronic billboard on I-15 at 900 South which states “Thanks, Governor, for reopening Utah’s national parks” is incomplete.

While Governor Herbert does deserve credit for agreeing to use state money to reopen the parks, if Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell hadn’t agreed with the proposal, there wouldn’t be a reason to thank anyone. The billboard should say “Thank you, Governor Herbert and Secretary Jewell, for reopening Utah’s national parks.”

On the flip side, there should be an accompanying billboard condemning the tea party for closing the national parks to begin with.

And to those same tea party members, including Sen. Mike Lee, who were part of the protest at the Lincoln and World War II memorials this weekend, let me remind them of something: National memorials (as well as national parks) fall under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service. This is the same park service which legislators temporarily put out of business when they shut down the federal government.

So in actuality, they are protesting against themselves. Maybe I should rephrase that secondary billboard to read “Thank you, tea party members, for creating a gigantic mess.”

Diehl Chantryce