The reason the Democratic Senate never passes a new budget is so it can force the GOP to refund its original 5-year-old budget via continuing resolution (CR) every year. This allows the Democrats to say that the cruel and heartless Republicans want to shut down the government if the GOP does not surrender and immediately pass a new CR.

What made the establishment Republicans uncomfortable with Lee/Cruz is that by not allowing them to immediately surrender, Lee/Cruz brought the wrath of the media upon their heads. When asked what their alternative strategy was, the establishment Republicans said, “we need to win the Senate and presidency to make changes.” Of course, this has only occurred a couple of times in the last 125 years.

The establishment Republicans, media and Democrats are now starting a campaign to make sure that they are never made uncomfortable again by blaming and marginalizing the conservative wing of the GOP. Count My Vote is one strategy to do that. Republican voters need to decide if they want a Chamberlain or Churchill leading their party. Lee/Cruz are of the Churchill mindset.

Rob Luke