A guy tried to drive his truck up the steps of the Utah Capitol Building last week, allegedly in order to make a point about the need to legalize marijuana. I think he hoped to demonstrate that the drug is safe and doesn't impair your judgment.

Neighbors said the man arrested in connection with driving up the capitol steps seemed like a nice, quiet neighbor, other than the truckloads of cookies and other munchies he regularly had delivered to his house.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel apparently first knew something was up when, at the last meeting of the G20, Barack Obama ordered pizza and charged it to her cell phone.

Merkel has accused the Obama administration and the National Security Administration of tapping her cell phone. Actually, the president just wanted to see if he was one of her Five Faves.

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff, meanwhile, reportedly became incensed when she learned her identity was stolen by a young female NSA employee in Hawaii with a yen for Birkenstocks.

Merkel and Rousseff wanted to take their grievances of U.S. spying to the United Nations, but for some reason their phones no longer will connect to the U.N. switchboard.

Meanwhile, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and Iran's President Hassan Rouhani remain untouchable because they still use rotary phones.

The software engineers who worked on the Obamacare website were summoned to Congress last week. They said they were trying to determine why the website wasn't working, but that they were still on hold with the tech support call center in Mumbai.

How plausible is it that the Obama administration can tap the phones of 35 world leaders and yet can't design a simple web site that works?

OK, show of hands, how many of you thought there was a Boy Scout merit badge for rock tumbling in a state park?

Now-former scout leaders David Hall and Glenn Taylor have learned that going viral on YouTube is not necessarily always a good thing, no matter how much of a "rock star" you may become.

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