We’re able to love each other with I think, a more Christ-like love because of Ian’s disability and just understand that picture a little bit better than if he were healthy. – Larissa Murphy

When Larissa Murphy married, she knew that in temporal matters, she would bring more to the table than her husband, Ian. But a video about Larissa and Ian’s relationship shows why they decided to marry despite Ian's severe disabilities.

“Ian and I first met in 2005 at college and had a blast for 10 months getting to know each other,” Larissa said in the video, titled, “The Story of Ian & Larissa.” “He was on his way to work near Pittsburgh, and we got a phone call that he had been in an accident. … (He) had suffered a traumatic brain injury.”

After Ian’s accident, Larissa helped his family take care of him, and she continued dating him. She said that marriage was not considered as an option until Ian could communicate. Before the two married, they met with their local judge so the courts could “decide that it was in [Ian’s] best interest to be married,” according to a post Larissa wrote on DesiringGod.org.

The judge said, “You two exemplify what love is all about. I believe that marriage will not only benefit you both but our community and hope that everyone in this city could see your love for one another,” Larissa wrote in the post.

The Vimeo clip was posted in May 2012, but it has recently been making rounds on social media.

“I've watched it twice already and may need a third viewing,” wrote Loretta Redmond on the Faithit Facebook page. “Such a sweet story that really captures the essence of what marriage should be.”

Some commented that the video felt like a promotion for the book “The Momentary Marriage,” which is mentioned in the video, but others said the focus was on building a Christ-centered marriage.

“Days after seeing the video, I still was trying to collect my thoughts. I watched it again. I posted it on Facebook. I ‘trembled with the glad responsibility’ of sharing the story of Ian & Larissa with others,” wrote Emily McFarlan Miller on Start Marriage Right.com. “The story of Ian and Larissa is a picture of the ‘covenant-keeping love between Christ and his people.’ ”

Both Ian and Larissa keep a positive perspective in spite of the challenges they face.

“We’re able to love each other with I think a more Christ-like love because of Ian’s disability and just understand that picture a little bit better than if he were healthy,” Larissa said in the video.

Abby Stevens is a writer for the DeseretNews.com Faith and Family sections. She is a graduate of Brigham Young University–Idaho. Contact her at astevens@deseretdigital.com.