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What’s new: Elder Baxter shares how to have peace in a turbulent world in book

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"PEACE, BE STILL," by David S. Baxter, Cedar Fort, $18.99, 128 pages (nf)

Coming from an often rocky and unstable childhood, Elder David S. Baxter of the Quorum of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints knows firsthand how turbulent this mortal life can be.

Through his many life challenges, he has learned how to obtain peace despite of the tumult that may go on all around. The main source, of course, is Jesus Christ who is also called the Prince of Peace.

In his recent book "Peace Be Still," Elder Baxter defines and outlines specific aspects of peace: peace through forgiveness, adversity and death. He describes peaceful places to turn to, peaceful perspectives to have in mind and what to do to create more peace at home. Through scriptures, personal experiences and other stories, he shows how to truly make peace a part of our lives.

Elder Baxter talks about how one of the main barriers to peace is the inability to be still. Many times, people feel that they have to fill every moment with busy activities and often overwhelm their schedules with unnecessary things. Often, it is the small simple acts that can bring moments of calm and peace back. When the focus is on what's most important, it can contribute largely to the amount of peace in our days.

"Peace, Be Still" teaches that it is the Savior who is the true fountain of peace. He calmed the literal winds and tempests during his mortal ministry, and Elder Baxter shares that the Savior can do the same for the storms in life. "A great calm" can be brought into our hearts if we call upon him who is in control of it all. He commands to "peace, be still," because the power is ours if we turn ourselves over to him.

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