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Book review: 'Ruby's Secret' tells story of love, sacrifice and forgiveness

"THE NEWPORT LADIES BOOK CLUB: Ruby's Secret," by Heather B. Moore, Covenant Communications, $15.99, 202 pages (f)

Ruby Crenshaw, 62, is a stylish, beautiful, well-traveled woman — as well as the founder and hostess of the Newport Ladies Book Club. Not only is she the founder, but her care and concern for the other women in the club make Ruby its heart.

But Ruby's daughter-in-law is worried that she is too focused on taking care of others and encourages her to join a senior center where she can participate in activities and interact with women her age.

At the senior center, it becomes known that Ruby has traveled to several places around the world, and an impromptu two-week tour to Greece is arranged.

Ruby agrees to go, but for her, Greece is tainted with memories of her last visit many years ago with her unfaithful, now-deceased husband, Phillip. Within the walls of Ruby's home she kept the secret of his infidelity locked away, and that secret locked any other man out of her unforgiving heart.

But her heart wasn't prepared for Gabriel, the tour group's Greek guide.

Gabriel is handsome, charming, kind, and most of all, sincere — and soon Ruby finds herself questioning her resolve to never let another man into her heart.

But Gabriel has his own complicated past. When Gabriel has some hard decisions to make, Ruby finds that it is easier to just call the whole thing off while they still have good memories. Even with an ocean between them, Gabriel isn't sure he wants to give up. And with a little help from a member in the book club, Ruby finds that maybe she isn't ready to give up either.

Mormon author Heather B. Moore of Utah brings another literary gem to the Newport Ladies Book Club Series by crafting a tale that will not only break the hearts of readers, but repair and fill them. Moore has shown her ability to make her characters relatable to a variety of women in both "Ruby's Secret" and "Athena" by making emotional scenes and topics feel natural and believable.

While "Ruby's Secret" is a romantic novel, there are no inappropriate scenes, and it could be appropriate for young readers.

"Ruby's Secret" is part of the second set of books in the Newport Ladies Book Club parallel book series. Each book focuses on one member of the book club, shedding light into their personal lives and challenges — with shared scenes that allow readers to visit the same interactions and moments from different perspectives.

Hikari Loftus is a graduate of the University of Utah.