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Letter: Continued service

As a Utah liberal I have watched with great interest the saga that was John Swallow. Now that he has stepped away from his elected post, the interim boss, Maj. Gen. Brian Tarbet, oversees the office of attorney general.

As a member of the Utah Army National Guard, I've worked with and known Tarbet since his call to service as the adjutant general of Utah in 2000, through the events of 2001 and 11 years of war-time service until his retirement last year. His service to state and country was selfless and extraordinary.

Tarbet is an honorable, honest, public servant who always put service to his country and state before his personal interest. His work in the attorney general's office is simply an extension of his ideal of service to country.

Whatever his personal decision, the state of Utah would do well to support his continued service in the attorney general's office.

Pete West

Salt Lake City