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Letter: American business

I find it remarkable and it would even be amusing if weren't so sad that Terry ("American billionaires," Dec. 3) and others, even in the mainstream media, do not give President Barack Obama and the Democrats any responsibility for the continued dismal economy. Instead they are being taken in hook, line and sinker by Obama's class warfare ploy.

Terry writes about the average net worth being inflated because of a skewed value. The truth is that all values, including those of the "American billionaires," are skewed because of inflation, caused by propping up the economy with paper money. In the Obama economy, no one is richer. The sad part is that Terry and others do not understand and appreciate the concept of the freedom which we have enjoyed under the Constitution. A small part of that freedom is how free enterprise has worked to bring prosperity to the nation. Instead, the Obama administration has aggressively attacked a segment of the economy that could help with a recovery: American business.

Paul Kelly