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High school football: 1A all-state teams


QB, Trent Roberts, Duchesne

6-1, 200, Sr.

Finished his high school football career with an improbable four state titles. Roberts passed for 754 yards and 8 TDs, rushed for 544 yards and 15 TDs, while defensively he racked up 94 tackles and added 3 INTs.

1A First Team

QB/DE,:McKay Jarman, Rich

6-1, 170, Sr.

18 total TDs

QB/CB,:Merrill Terry, Kanab

5-9, 160, Sr.

1,521 pass yards, 20 TDs

QB/LB: Saxon Mingus, Diamond Ranch

6-2, 200, Sr.

Led D-Backs to semifinals

QB/DB: Terrell Blackmountain, Mon. Valley

5-9, 148, So.

Young, athletic QB

RB/DB: Matt Muir, Duchesne

5-10, 165, Sr.

699 rush yards, 7 TDs

RB/DB: Colin Moon, Duchesne

5’11, 170, Sr.

94 tackles

RB/DL: Dakota Clark, Rich

5-10, 170, Sr.

Strong run stuffer

RB/LB: Dylan Despain, Duchesne

5-11, 170, Sr.

787 rush yards, 78 tackles

RB/DB: Levi Dustin, Diamond Ranch

5-9, 165, Sr.

Rushed for over 800 yards

RB/LB: Rylee Foy, Altamont

6-0, 180, Jr.

Strong lienbacker

RB/SS: Wade Netto, Milford

5-8, 165, Jr.

1,088 rush yards, 18 TDs

RB/LB: Austin Maloy, Monticello

5’11, 165, Jr.

908 yards, 12 TDs

RB/LB: Luke Crosby, Kanab

6’1, 175, Sr.

47 tackles

FB/DL: Matt Dye, Duchesne

5-10, 220, Sr.

768 rush yards, 10 TDs

WR/LB: Braxton Spencer, Duchesne

6-0, 170, Sr.

290 rec. yards, 5 TDs

WR/S: Hadin Jones, Kanab

5-11, 165, Sr.

621 rec. yards, 14 TDs

WR/DB: Braeden Burnside, Diamond Ranch

5-10, 160, Sr.

Solid receiving threat

WR/DB: Randy Sorensen, Altamont

5-9, 160, Sr.

343 rec. yards

TE/DE: Skyler Argyle, Rich

6-5, 180, Sr.

Solid defensive presence

TE/LB: Austin Wilcox, Monticello

6-0, 200, Sr.

201 rec. yards, 3 TDs

OL/DL: Nate Bowman, Kanab

6-0, 207, Sr.

41 tackles, anchor of OL

OL/DL: Hawkan Cornia, Rich

6-1, 200, Sr.

Anchored offensive line

OL/DL: Isaac Hopkin, Rich

6-0, 170, Sr.

Key to Rich running game

OL/DL: Jake Giles, Monticello

5-10, 200, Sr.

Buckaroos top lineman

1A Second Team

QB/DB: Dylan Lindsay, Altamont, Sr.

QB/DB: Jayden Wallentine, Rich, Jr.

QB/FS: Jalen Hardy, Milford, Sr.

RB/LB: Chalis Myers, Rich, Sr.

RB/DB: Dillon Maughan, Monticello, Sr.

RB/LB: Ben Groll, Rich, Sr.

RB/LB: Cache Sabey, Rich, Jr.

RB/LB: Kaydon Noyes, Milford, Jr.

RB/LB: Keevin Bedonie, Monument Valley, So.

RB/LB: Malcom Begay, Monument Valley, So.

RB/LB: Alex Foster, Kanab, So.

RB/LB: Aaron Foster, Kanab, Jr.

WR/DB: Levi Vivier, Diamond Ranch, So.

TE/DE: Dan Ramsay, Kanab, Sr.

OL/DL: Jesse Wickel, Duchesne, Jr.

OL/DL: Jaxson Nelson, Duchesne, Jr.

OL/LB: Josey Reinhardt, Duchesne, Sr.

OL/DE: Quade Thomas, Duchesne, Sr.

OL/DL: Jace Little, Kanab, Jr.

OL/DL: Joe Yeager, Diamond Ranch, Sr.

OL/DL: Collin Shannahan, Diamond Ranch, Sr.

OL/DL: Tony Brown, Altamont, Sr.

OL/DL: Remington Funk, Altamont, Sr.

OL/DL: Lucas O'Daniel, Milford, Sr.