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High school football: 3AA all-state teams


QB: Kody Wilstead, Pine View

Jr., 6-6, 210

Completed 294 of 470 passes for 4,390 yards and 36 TDs in 12 games for the runner-up Panthers. His 4,390 yards is the second most in state history. He threw for over 300 yards in every game but one.

3AA First Team

QB: Cole Nelson, Juan Diego

Sr., 6-2, 185

68-121, 56.2%, 1,102 yards, 12 TDs … 126 carries, 989 yards, 18 TDs

RB: Bridger Cowdin, Desert Hills

Jr., 6-0, 185

187 carries, 1,107 yards, 13 TDs

RB: Alex Mackay, Stansbury

Sr., 5-9, 185

113 carries, 1,061 yards, 13 TDs

WR: Jack Bangerter, Pine View

Sr., 5-11, 160

93 catches, 1,389 yards, 14 TDs

WR: Drew Batchelor, Dixie

Sr., 6-0, 180

57 catches, 781 yards, 9 TDs

OL: Brock Doman, Desert Hills

Sr., 6-3, 265

“Probably the best OT in 3AA. 3-year starter and success running and passing starts with him.”

OL: Gavin Graff, Dixie

Sr., 5-9, 230

“3-year starter. Has made all our protection calls for 3 years. Has played every spot on OL.”

OL: Kole Dotson, Cedar

Sr., 6-3, 240

“3-year starter on OL. Legitimate college prospect.”

OL: Justus Wise, Bear River

Sr., 6-1, 245

“Did not give up a sack all season. Had 57 pancake blocks, 78 sustain blocks.”

OL: Guillermo Fierro, Pine View

Sr., 6-4, 280

“3-year starter, 2nd most valuable player on our team, makes all protection calls.”

DL: Semisi Bloomfield, Juan Diego

Sr., 6-0, 210

52 tackles, 10 sacks

DL: Braxton Ipson, Dixie

Sr., 6-3, 215

40 tackles, 5 sacks, 2 INTs

DL: Jake Wagner, Desert Hills

Sr., 6-2, 210

38 tackles, 13.5 sacks

DL: Liahona Tia Tia, Pine View

Sr., 6-2, 245

67 tackles, 3 sacks

LB: Gabe Sewell, Desert Hills

Jr., 6-0, 215

51 tackles, 3 sacks

LB: Thor Katoa, Pine View

Sr., 6-2, 230

139 tackles, 3.5 sacks

LB: Sil Bundy, Desert Hills

Sr., 6-1, 190

108 tackles, 5 sacks

LB: Harry Jones, Juan Diego

Sr., 6-2, 235

51 tackles, 0.5 sacks

DB: Jaden Ahquin, Pine View

Sr., 5-10, 165

143 tackles, 5 INTs

DB: Braden Reber, Desert Hills

Sr., 6-0, 190

37 tackles, 6 INTs

DB: Landen Broadhead, Desert Hills

Sr., 6-1, 180

79 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 INTs

DB: Tanner Webster, Dixie

Sr., 6-0, 190

33 tackles, 5 INTs

K: Andrew Montoya, Juan Diego

Sr., 5-8, 165

6 FGs, 65 PATs

Specialist: Zachary Kennedy, Snow Canyon

Sr., 6-2, 190

111 carries, 731 yards, 8 TDs … 36 catches, 755 yards, 9 TDs

3AA Second Team

QB: Braxton Coonis, Uintah, Sr.

QB: Jardee Nessen, Bear River, Sr.

RB: Chase Williams, Juan Diego, Sr.

RB: Connor Parry, Snow Canyon, Sr.

WR: Colton Miller, Pine View, Jr.

WR: Colton Jensen, Bear River, Sr.

WR: Jordan Hokanson, Desert Hills, Sr.

OL: Mason Pearce-Clawson, Juan Diego, Sr.

OL: Chipper Whatcott, Desert Hills, Sr.

OL: Andrew Markosian, Juan Diego, Jr.

OL: Jed Rich, Uintah, Sr.

OL: Henry Clinger, Payson, Sr.

DL: Jeremiah Ieremia, Hurricane, Jr.

DL: Boogie Sewell, Desert Hills, Jr.

DL: Shad Pulsipher, Dixie, Sr.

DL: Jaren Forsyth, Cedar, Sr.

LB: Tucker Cowdin, Desert Hills, Jr.

LB: Brady Sargent, Snow Canyon, So.

LB: Taylor Strehlow, Dixie, Sr.

LB: Spencer Wihongi, Stansbury, Sr.

DB: Cameron Hansen, Juan Diego, Sr.

DB: Ian Moritz, Park City, Jr.

DB: Parker Ferris, Pine View, Sr.

DB: Zayne Anderson, Stansbury, Jr.

K: Ethan Stratton, Hurricane, Sr.

Spec.: Tristan Duran, Pine View, Sr.

3AA Honorable Mention

QB: Easton Smith, Payson, Jr.

RB: Pano Tiatia, Pine View, Jr.

RB: Jessie Springer, Juan Diego, Sr.

RB: Adam Pace, Tooele, Sr.

WR: Bladen Hosner, Pine View, Jr.

WR; Hudson Conrad, Stansbury, Jr.

WR: Gabe Colosimo, Juan Diego, Sr.

WR: Haden Bunderson, Uintah, Jr.

OL: Brock Esplin, Cedar, Sr.

OL: Tony Leakehe, Tooele, Sr.

OL: Carson Gibbs, Bear River, Jr.

OL: Derek Johnson, Payson, Sr.

OL: Branson Fonnesbeck, Bear River, Sr.

DL: Maka Kioa, Tooele, Jr.

DL: Landon Stice, Stansbury, Jr.

DL: Iosua Opeta, Stansbury, Sr.

DL: Allan Havili, Stansbury, Sr.

DL: Caleb Birchell, Uintah, Sr.

DL: Dylan Tripp, Cedar, Sr.

LB: McKade Mitton, Bear River, Jr.

LB: Charlie Sefita, Hurricane, Jr.

LB: Trevor Horlacher, Snow Canyon, Sr.

LB: Dylan Hanks, Uintah, Sr.

DB: Richmond Anderson, Snow Canyon, So.

DB: Carson Dutkanych, Park City, Sr.