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Letter: Re-election limits

Whitney Mabey ("No limits," Dec. 5) expressed a legitimate concern about term limits for senators and congressmen. It can deprive the electorate the right to retain experienced and popular representatives; however, the problems inherent in lifetime, professional politicians continues to plague us. There may be some solutions available to protect voting rights and cause incumbents to carefully consider the cost and risks of seeking re-election beyond a reasonable and agreed upon term limit.

A super majority required in order to win would give an incumbent cause to weigh the cost and odds of obtaining such support. If successful, it would demonstrate the electorate's overwhelming satisfaction and constitute a mandate to the candidate. If elected, an additional stipulation might require one to change their committee assignments. This would allow new blood and thinking in the solution of current problems and reduce the previous influence of lobbyists in a given issue.

Term limits will continue to be an issue as long as special-interest groups, power brokers and power seekers are allowed to use incumbency and seniority to build and maintain powerful affiliations ripe for abuse and corruption.

Leon Moyes