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Letter: Unhealthy diet

“You are what you eat” is turning into a true fact when looking at the relationship between your insides and food. Fatty foods not only add fat under the subcutaneous layer, but also around internal organs and on the heart. All of this not needed fat changes the function of your body causing it to work harder and eventually stop working. Yes, stop working.

When we stuff our face we are also stuffing our valves and arteries with fat. Yum! Our economy looks down on drugs and drinking, which affect the brain, liver, lungs, heart, kidneys and every other organ in your body. Did you ever realize that food does the exact same thing, acting as a drug if you don’t eat healthy? That cupcake doesn’t that sound so good now, does it? Wake up America, the population may be going down but the area we take up obviously isn’t.

DeMarie Drake

South Jordan