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Letter: Oil rig drivers

I know through the experiences of close friends and family that obtaining a commercial driver's license to operate a semi truck is not as simple as showing up to a class and knowing how to shift gears. There are so many laws and regulations to every action a truck makes, from what road it's on to where it can be parked.

Yet at the same time it seems some drivers find employment at Utah's oil fields who should possibly return to school for further training. At the least they should be required to attend a few classes on courtesy and common sense on the shared roadways.

I live in Heber City and the semi trucks carrying oil from the Uintah Basin to the refineries have been a regular problem traveling down Main Street and just out side of town. More than a time or two I have been run out of my lane or close to swiped due to careless drivers. At times they seem to pull out into traffic or change lanes without warning for those around them to react.

It's very dangerous, creates hostile drivers and is just rude.

Jessica LaMar

Heber City