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Black Friday

Millions of people shop for their loved ones on Black Friday, while behind the curtain of holiday fervor, society's problems go unnoticed and all seems to be well. Statistics show that $12.3 billion was spent on Black Friday in 2013 while there were approximately 190,000 people in China working in sweat shops to provide the items sold.

In the months of November and December we see much giving while it seems Black Friday epitomizes the vanity of the world. Each year the casualties and deaths become greater as a result of the Black Friday bustle while people are losing sight of the true meaning of Christmas. Shopping and spending increase dramatically while acts of kindness and the goodness of people slowly disappear and become almost unheard of.

Although spending remains at high levels throughout the year, the holidays show us just how greedy the people of the world are. On Black Friday we see more than ever a loss of values. Fighting, shoving, trampling and causing pain to others for the material things — Black Friday has shaped people into gargling monsters. Why don’t they call it Black Vanity-day?

Megan Larsen

South Jordan