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Family's video Christmas card goes viral

The Holderness family's Christmas video is making the social media rounds.
The Holderness family's Christmas video is making the social media rounds.

What do Will Smith, a Toyota Prius V and "Iron Man 3" have in common?

Answer: a new “viral video Christmas card” by the Holderness family of Raleigh, N.C.

The video, which has garnered more than 2 million views on YouTube in the six days it’s been up, is a simple familial update much like a Christmas card sent to grandma: The kids are winning awards and killing it at their piano lessons. Mom and Dad are happy to announce they are switching careers.

Oh, and Mommy and Daddy Holderness also had minor parts in the movie "Iron Man 3."

The family’s joyful Christmas announcement goes beyond the typical note to grandma, however, by putting all the news to the tune of Will Smith’s 1998 single “Miami” while the whole family dances in their Christmas pajamas (they seem to prefer the viral-ready #XMasJammies).

The video follows a formula fairly common to the most recent wave of viral videos, such as GoldieBlox’s Rube Goldberg-inspired video or even a recent baby announcement, juxtaposing clever rap parodies with the mundane happenings of typical family life.

The family also seems to be rather transparent about the video's purpose: to go viral and raise awareness for the family’s newest business project, Greenroom Communications, which the company's website says focuses on "media coaching" and "presentation training."

If going viral was their ultimate goal, they seem to have made it.

The video has already been featured on Good Morning America, and according to a tweet by Penn Holderness, plenty of other media outlets are interested as well:

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