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4 minor school bus accidents reported in Utah within 24 hours

SALT LAKE CITY — There were three minor accidents involving school buses Tuesday. A fourth school bus accident occurred Monday.

In Vernal, a car rear-ended a school bus Tuesday afternoon. The driver of the vehicle suffered a bloody nose, according to police, but no other injuries were reported. That accident remained under investigation Tuesday.

In Logan Tuesday morning, a 17-year-old girl suffered possible minor neck and spine injuries when she ran into the back bumper of a school bus. Police believe thick fog caused the girl to miss a stop sign on US 89/US 91 and 800 West. She ran it and hit the bus, according to police.

The bus had students headed to Adams Elementary School on board. None of the students were injured.

Also Tuesday, there was a minor crash involving a school bus at 2700 South and 1100 East in Salt Lake City.

Tuesday's incidents followed a school bus crash Monday afternoon in Cache County. Six children from Canyon Elementary School were taken to an area hospital with minor injuries after their school bus crashed into a tree just off state Route 165 in Paradise. The bus driver allegedly became distracted by a student who was standing up at the back of the bus, said Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Todd Royce. She took her eyes off the road as the bus rounded a sharp curve.

— Pat Reavy