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Letter: Gun lobby

Another school shooting means another outcry from the gun lobby claiming that more guns will make us safer. I'm not anti-gun, but more guns will not make us any safer than more cars on the freeway or more planes in the sky will make us safer. It’s NRA propaganda.

In Utah, there is no requirement to demonstrate proficiency with a firearm even though the state will hand you a permit, pat you on the back and tell you what a good patriot you are because you drank the NRA Kool-Aid.

None of us is safer in a society where people are packing deadly weapons when they have no clue how to use them. Criminals will always be better armed than the public at large because they will always have access to illegal weapons that are unavailable to law-abiding citizens.

The president (any president, regardless of party) is morally obligated to do something when lunatics with guns indiscriminately kill schoolchildren, military workers, shoppers and people in movie theaters. This does not make him anti-gun. It’s time to stop worshipping guns and place some value on human life instead.

Dave Jensen