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Families, couples celebrate the holidays with unique Christmas cards

Families and couples are sending out some pretty unique cards this holiday season.
Families and couples are sending out some pretty unique cards this holiday season.

Families and couples are sending out some pretty unique cards this holiday season.

Take for instance this couple, who created a card that shows them celebrating both of their respective holidays — Hanukkah and Christmas. The man, known as byfuryoftheheart on social media site Reddit, stands with his dog amid a Christmas tree and gifts, while his girlfriend poses near menorahs in front of walls draped with blue wrapping paper.

Buzzfeed offers a couple of behind-the-scenes photos that detail the creation of the holiday card. There’s even an explanation about one of the paintings seen in the card, which features dogs sitting at a table, Buzzfeed wrote.

But one family’s Christmas card has gone viral over the past week, according to Deseret News. Titled “#XMASS JAMMIES,” the video includes announcements about the family, including how one family member is dealing with the entertainment world and how another feels about his vasectomy.

"The family’s joyful Christmas announcement goes beyond the typical note to grandma, however, by putting all the news to the tune of Will Smith’s 1998 single 'Miami' while the whole family dances in their Christmas pajamas (they seem to prefer the viral-ready #XMasJammies)," wrote J.J. Feinauer for Deseret News. offered images of one of the world’s oldest Christmas cards, which “once sold for around 10 cents, but this weekend, a black and white version of the card fetched over $6,800 at auction,” in an article on Wednesday.

Still stuck on what to do for a Christmas card this year? Well, The Atlantic has some ideas on what economists would write in their Christmas cards. Mother Nature Network, though, released five do-it-yourself Christmas card ideas for kids.

“Kids will love making these beautiful Christmas cards almost as much as Grandma will love getting them,” wrote MNN.

Christmas cards are a continuing tradition during the holiday season. UPI recently published an article that delved into the history of the Christmas card, saying it’s a tradition that’s lasted 170 years. Customized cards, though, are the latest trend, UPI reported.

"What's really changed in the holiday greeting card market is a growing demand for customized holiday cards where the sender uses their own photo and software tools provided by companies such as Shutterfly to create a totally personalized greeting card,” said Pam Danziger, the lead researcher in a study of the greeting card market, to UPI. “Young people in particular gravitate toward the customized holiday card market, while the more mature consumers tend to stick with the traditional boxed cards. “

Will the trend of sending Christmas cards continue? polled readers about whether they think whether the holiday staples will head towards the recycling bin or not. A whopping 74 percent of readers said they will continue to send out holiday cards.

But the United States Postal Service told, “The postal service delivered 20 billion pieces of mail between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year, USPS expects to deliver 15 billion pieces of mail between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. (It's the same number of days due to the late Thanksgiving holiday.)” writer Marie Morelli said in the same article that the rise of e-cards and online Christmas cards won’t change her mind about sending out her season’s greetings.

“It can be a handwritten note or a mass-produced photo card,” Morelli wrote. “Either way, the sender went to some trouble to maintain our connection, even if it's only once a year. And so I continue to send Christmas cards, even as fewer arrive every year.”


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