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Sports brief: Roblez named wrestling commissioner

SANDY — Matthew Roblez has been appointed commissioner of Utah-based Ultra Championship Wrestling — Zero.

“At the end of the day, our passion is to provide the best entertainment that we possibly can,” Roblez said in the official announcement. “We really just want to keep this fun for all the fans who come out.”

Roblez, who has extensive management experience at engineering companies, is a long-time wrestling announcer, personality and fan. He intends to use his background to improve the organization’s recruiting efforts.

“One of our biggest goals, moving forward, is to bring a lot of big-name talent to Salt Lake City to participate in our league,” Roblez said. “Certainly, there are plenty of reasons why wrestling professionals might want to come here, as we have a peerlessly impressive training facility as well as a very fine arena.

"We have the largest reach of any wrestling organization in Utah, and we’re well regarded within the national wrestling industry. There are countless opportunities for talent development here," he said.