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Struggles breathing

Your recent editorial piece on the Holly Refinery ("Refinery should be allowed to expand," Dec. 12) was on my mind this morning as I woke up to my two young children wheezing and coughing. I have already taken my two inhalers, and I am still struggling to breathe as well. We love Salt Lake City and the life we have created here, but the air quality is unacceptable. At a party of friends, everyone was taking about one thing: the air. We all wonder what long-term damage our children will suffer as a result of our choice to live here.

Allowing Holly to expand will not increase Utah's supply of gas (the increased product will be shipped to Las Vegas and Southern California), will not reduce the price of gas, Holly will make a lot more money, and Utah will be left with more pollution. This is an insult to the health of everyone in our community. When will Utah prioritize the health of its citizens over the profits of industry and contributions to campaigns? Stop the madness.

Kristi Holmberg

Salt Lake City