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Amy Donaldson: Remembering those moments in sports when we were reminded to be better people

Cody Taylor
Cody Taylor
KSL YouTube screen shot

We talk a lot about what’s wrong with sports, and in turn, society.

And quite often, our shame is justified.

But it’s worth discussing that there are also times when athletics brings out the best in us. Most of the value to be found in athletics comes with participation. But sometimes being a spectator, even a fan, enables us to be inspired and uplifted in a way few other activities allow.

As 2013 comes to a close, I compiled a few of my favorite sports moments from the past year. The fact that these heroes emerged in junior high gymnasiums and high school football fields doesn’t diminish their importance. In fact, the humble scenes where these stories of compassion and generosity emerged may speak even more eloquently of what the games can teach all of us.

Whether we play, coach, critique or cheer, stories like these are reminders that as often as the games give us a chance to be stronger and more determined, they also give us the chance to be generous.

Here is the list of some of the top sport moments of 2013.

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