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Saving Africa

Eric Schulzke's article on Saving Africa ("Saving Africa? New book casts harsh light on prominent poverty program," Dec. 5) panders to those who say "Why try? Nothing we do is going to make a difference." Jeffrey Sachs helped me come to the opposite conclusion. His book "End of Poverty" changed my paradigm. It was in his book that I learned that 300,000,000 Chinese have moved up the ladder in the last 25 years and come out of a life of poverty. The number one reason was the direct foreign investment. It is happening most dramatically in China and India, and Africa is following on the same curve.

When GMC, GE and Coca Cola and hundreds of others decided that their best investment dollar was to create factories abroad in China and India, their economies soared.

Business is having the greatest impact, but so are NGO's like the Gates Foundation. Smallpox has been eradicated from the earth. Malaria is falling, literacy is rising and the economy of Africa in the last 10 years has grown at a 5.7 percent rate. (The USA economic growth rate average from 1820 to today is 1.9 percent.) Let's drop these dreary articles. Show me the numbers. Do not give me anecdotes about rusted tractors.

Louis Pope

Miles City, Mont.