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Beyoncé grants 12-year-old girl's final wish

This Feb. 10, 2013 photo shows Beyonce at the 55th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.
This Feb. 10, 2013 photo shows Beyonce at the 55th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.
Jordan Strauss, Associated Press

Beyoncé knows what it means to be a survivor.

And on Dec. 6, at a concert in Las Vegas as a part of her Mrs. Carter tour, she granted a wish to another survivor in Taylon Davis, a 12-year-old girl who was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, according to USA Today. And now the video of the event has surfaced.

Davis’ “last wish was to dance with Queen Bey. The Make-a-Wish Foundation, which specializes in this sort of thing, swung into action with Beyoncé’s people,” USA Today reported.

Beyoncé then floated down to the stage and met Davis below. She embraced her with a hug, and then invited the young one to sing “Love on Top” with her. Moments later, Beyoncé kicked into another gear with the song “Survivor,” a pop hit originally song by Beyoncé’s former group, Destiny’s Child, USA Today reported. Davis sang and danced along to the song, USA Today said.

Global Grind, a music entertainment website, offered photos and a video of Beyoncé’s surprise greeting of Davis.

“She smells like a baby — she smells so good like baby powder and roses. Everything that’s good,” said Davis, according to Global Grind. also reported Davis' reaction to Beyoncé’s generous move.

“I was shaking, I was so nervous,” Davis said to CBS Local, according to “I didn't wanna be speechless because this was my wish and I wanted to talk to her. I wasn’t scared to dance or sing.”

But this isn’t anything too new. On Nov. 12, 2013, Beyoncé sang a duet with a blind girl in Australia, ABC News reported.

Beyoncé’s been making headlines recently for releasing her latest self-titled album without any pre-promotion or notice, according to a Deseret News article. The album, released exclusively on iTunes, has been the source of controversy, too, as both Target and Amazon refuse to sell it, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“While most merchants have chosen to carry the Beyoncé album, which streeted last Friday after iTunes’ week-long exclusive window, they aren't happy about the preferential treatment given to Apple,” wrote Ed Christman for The Hollywood Reporter.

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