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Elder David Archuleta sends Christmas wish and message

Even though former "American Idol" contestant David Archuleta is currently serving an LDS mission, he has still been able to share his talent globally, along with special thoughts and messages.

Last week, the official Twitter account for the singer posted a challenge that Archuleta had written himself, asking everyone to remember the true meaning of Christmas this year.

A video of Archuleta was also posted on his Twitter and YouTube account, where he speaks of Christ's birth and how the purpose of his mission is to share Christ's message. Toward the end, Archuleta also sings a short line from one of his favorite Christmas songs, "The First Noel."

His fans have commented and shared the video, expressing their excitement for his return, which may be scheduled for March 2014. While some pointed out that the video was probably taken before his mission, many appreciated the message of remembering Christ during this season.

One commenter, Kimberly Hoffman, wrote: "Thanks so much for the encouragement of focusing on Christ and for the beautiful song. Merry Christmas!"