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Animal fat in roadway leads to icy conditions, closure

OREM — The Utah Highway Patrol investigated an incident Saturday involving a large load of animal fat left in the road near the mouth of Provo Canyon.

Between 3 and 3:30 p.m., reports came in of slick road conditions on U.S. 189, UHP spokesman Jesse Valenzuela said. Troopers who responded found between 150 and 200 gallons of animal fat in the roadway.

Valenzuela said it is believed the fat was cargo that spilled from a truck, but when troopers arrived, "the truck that caused the problem wasn't anywhere to be found."

The roadway had to be closed until the fat could be cleaned. Valenzuela said it also created ice-like conditions and had to be treated with salt.

The road reopened around 7 p.m.


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