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Chamber spokesman named Gov. Gary Herbert's communications director

Marty Carpenter of the Salt Lake Chamber.
Marty Carpenter of the Salt Lake Chamber.
Salt Lake Chamber

SALT LAKE CITY — Gov. Gary Herbert has named Marty Carpenter, an executive vice present at the Salt Lake Chamber, to serve as his communications director.

Carpenter, who had taken a leave of absence from the chamber to work on the governor's 2012 campaign, was described by Herbert as a "perfect fit" for the position.

"Marty benefits from a deep understanding of our goals as an administration and state, a strong relationship with media, and he has proven to be a valuable member of our team before," the governor said.

Carpenter replaces Ally Isom, Herbert's former deputy chief of staff, who stepped down last month. A former TV news reporter in Oklahoma and Kansas, Carpenter became the Chamber's director of communications in 2008.

"I am excited to play a role in an administration focused on solidifying Utah's position as the best state to do business and to elevating our quality of life," Carpenter said.

— Lisa Riley Roche

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