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Book review: 'Carla Kelly's Christmas Collection' showcases 4 charming Regency romances

Editor's note: These recently released Christmas books include nonfiction and fiction, historical and contemporary, romance and history and each carries with the spirit of the season.

"CARLA KELLY'S CHRISTMAS COLLECTION," by Carla Kelly, Cedar Fort, $8.99, 288 pages (f)

Carla Kelly's Christmas Collection” showcases four charming Christmas tales set in the early 1800s: "The Christmas Ornament," "Make a Joyful Noise," "An Object of Charity" and "The Three Kings." Carla Kelly has created distinctive and authentic characters with real-life problems.

Each novella, a delightful quick read, has well-developed characters that easily draw the reader in. They all take place during the Christmas season, making them a pleasant way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Kelly is known for writing clean novels. Despite keeping things quite innocent, she creates some fleeting sexual tension with a few discreetly worded innuendos without being base, crass or explicit. Brothels and illegitimate children are mentioned in passing. There is no swearing.

Kelly and her husband have recently moved to Wellington, Carbon County, and she is the author of more than 30 stories.

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