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4 recently released LDS picture books

These four recently released picture books help share about reverence, the Book of Mormon, the Word of Wisdom and a Primary song.

A DINOSAUR GOES TO CHURCH,” by Candas M. Elder, illustrated by Jennifer Eichelberger, Covenant Communications, $14.99

While young boys can be like dinosaurs when they play outside or at the dinner table, it can be difficult for them to sit quietly during sacrament meeting. “It’s hard to be at church when you’re a dinosaur.”

With Candas M. Elder’s rhymes and Jennifer Eichelberger’s colorful images, they share the meaning and importance of the sacrament and being reverent during church and how parents can help their little dinosaurs be quiet in a fun way.

Elder currently attends Utah Valley University and Eichelberger is a Brigham Young University graduate who lives in Utah.

WHAT'S HIDDEN IN THE GOLDEN PLATES: Seek and Ye Shall Find,” by Val Chadwick Bagley, Covenant Communications, $11.99

From bad guys to heroes and money to weapons, each of the 15 illustrations has scenes to find, plus bonus finds along with multiples of other items, like 20 arrows or 30 stones.

Each illustration shares about those featured on the page in rhyme and the drawings culminate with the visit of Jesus Christ.

There are also images to find on each illustration of Val Chadwick Bagley’s signature drawings.

THE NOT EVEN ONCE CLUB,” by Wendy Watson Nelson, illustrated by Brandon Dorman, Deseret Book, $18.99

Tyler has recently moved to a new neighborhood and learns about N.E.O. — Not Even Once — from those in his Primary class as they commit to live the Word of Wisdom.

Its is based on experiences author Wendy Watson Nelson had with her nieces and nephews and now her children as they learn about the Word of Wisdom and how to keep it.

A CHILD'S PRAYER,” by Janice Kapp Perry, art by Kathy Lawrence and Jean Monti, Covenant Communications, $14.99

Each phrase to the Primary song by Janice Kapp Perry is illustrated by the art of children, some by themselves, some with parents and others with Jesus Christ, in this picture book. The art by Kathy Lawrence and Jean Monti is peaceful and can help young children learn the words to the song.

The music and lyrics are included in the back of the book.

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