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Reader voices: A time, a purpose and a season

First new snow and fall leaves in Weber Canyon above Oakley Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013, in Summit County.
First new snow and fall leaves in Weber Canyon above Oakley Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013, in Summit County.
Tom Smart, Deseret News

I’ve been feeling a bit melancholy of late. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me. I feel this way pretty much every year at this time. As the last red and gold leaves begin to drop from the trees, my spirits seem to drop with them.

It’s nothing serious or of great concern. I will not be spending my days despondent and forlorn until the first flowers of spring arrive. It is just a momentary feeling of grief or loss for the season that is coming to an end. It is a reluctance to say goodbye to yet another fall that has come and gone too quickly.

It is not that I dislike winter. While I freely admit that winter is probably my least favorite season, I have found that each of the four seasons brings pleasant and unpleasant conditions. During winter, I may miss the light and warmth of summer, but I enjoy hot cocoa, warm, glowing fires and Christmas. It is not the season that prompts my brief but somber mood, it is the change in seasons.

Each onset of winter heralds not only the passing of another season but the approaching close of yet another year. With each year, the seasons seem to pass more quickly. I find myself having more and more difficulty keeping up. Just as I get accustomed to and comfortable with one season, it is time for the next. I would try to resist, but I know that it is pointless. Time marches on and will not stop long enough for me to “catch up.”

The same is true for the seasons of our lives. Each season brings with it joy and pain, trials and blessings. The seasons of our life also seem to pass too quickly and each seems to pass more quickly than the last. The changes of these seasons are also often met with some resistance and some sorrow.

Like the sadness I feel with the falling of leaves or the shortening of days, the sadness I feel at the passing of each of the seasons of my life is temporary. I will mourn each season briefly, then I will look forward with anticipation to what the new season will bring. I will endure the growing pains and I will enjoy the blessings, knowing all the while that my Heavenly Father is preparing me for the time when my season here on earth comes to an end.

Sandra Nazar lives, writes and blogs in Oklahoma with her husband and five children. She blogs at