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Book Review: 'Tide Ever Rising' captures readers in vivid ghost story

"TIDE EVER RISING," by Mandi Tucker Slack, Bonneville Books, $14.99, 201 pages (f)

A mystery mingled within a ghost story captivates readers in "Tide Ever Rising," a book by Utahn Mandi Tucker Slack.

The adventure begins when Mormon sisters Kadie and Maysha Reynolds visit an old ghost town in Eureka, Utah. Kadie, a junior high history teacher, is in pursuit of bringing Utah history enter alive for her students. And many times, that history is entertwined with the pioneers of The Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She drags her sister along searching in long-ago deserted homes for a glimpse of what life was like before technology.

While in one particular abandoned and burned home, Kadie literally falls into a discovery — an old can filled with items from the previous occupants of the home — under the floorboards. An old journal and pendant found in the can prove to be of significance.

After reading parts of the journal, Kadie begins to have premonitions and visions about the author — Charlotte Clark. While doing some research, Kadie discovers that the entire family had died except for Charlotte's twin sister, Adelaide. Kadie soon finds an address for Adelaide in Washington state. Driven with an overwhelming desire to return the journal and pendant to Adelaide, Kadie and Maysha head to Bremerton, Wash., to meet the sole surviving family member.

Upon meeting Adelaide and her adult grandchildren, an instant bond occurs between them and Kadie. Reading Charlotte's journal, however, proves grim as secrets are revealed that lead them on a dangerous hunt as the family's past collides with the present and becomes reality.

Also threaded through the plot is the end of one love story and the beginning of a new one as the hearts of Kadie and Adelaide's grandson, Logan Matthews, knit together amid the intense circumstances.

"Tide Ever Rising" takes readers on a mysterious journey of ghosts, intertwined with a blossoming love story and some tension-breaking humor. Slack fuses intensity and curiosity to enthrall teen and adult readers in her suspenseful tale.

Slack's book is clean and contains no objectionable material.

Wendy Jessen is a Southern Utah University graduate and a stay-at-home mother of six. Her email is and she blogs at